The investment edge for the

future of digital assets.

Get unrestricted, institutional-grade access to digital asset markets to grow your asset base profitably and consistently.

Prizma provides the tools to carefully navigate and make money in volatile markets.

The markets can be fast-paced, tight-margined & ruthless. It’s normal to feel as though you have to get lucky to be successful because the world of digital assets is so volatile. With Prizma’s know-how and capabilities, we help you manage this volatility and map these markets, so your back isn’t against the wall.

We’re on a mission to bring control and assurance to our clients by offering them a risk-and-exposure-managed means of making money and growing their assets.

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The learnings from the past have shaped the way that we think about the future of digital assets.

Our team brings a combined 35 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space and an additional 30 years of expertise from the fund management and professional trading industries together.

We’re merging the worlds of fund management, global credit markets, big data analytics, algorithm development, and cryptocurrency trading to help the global financial system advance into new and exciting markets.

Managed risk + lower costs = better performance

Unparalleled market performance

From trading strategies to risk management strategies, Prizma has a full suite of products and services to help you optimise your performance in  the markets.

Institutional asset custody

Whether your assets are active in the markets or in transit to new accounts following trades, our custody solutions are governed by market leaders, keeping you and your investments safe.

Around the clock market access

With a market that operates 24 hours a day, you can’t afford to be away from your assets for a second. Our services offer always-on access to ensure you’re never missing out.

Assets that work for you

With stringent risk-management practices built in, and years of experience and testing informing market moves, you can rest easy knowing that our strategies make your money work for you.

See what this looks like

We’re driving the mechanisms of investment brokering and asset management that the world has grown accustomed to, into the future age of digital assets.

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Asset Management
Digital Prime Brokerage
Tailored investment Advisory
Automated Trading Strategies
DeFi Lending & Credit Solutions

What exists today isn’t for the businesses of tomorrow.

Trading at scale in the markets is limited by a lack of available liquidity making it difficult to execute trades at the right times. Volume-based exchanges monopolise the market and dictate the terms of trading. They centrally control all liquidity in the market, leaving you exposed to their own practices.

The markets today are a different game. We can’t afford to be working with the financial systems of the past - they simply weren’t built with the future in mind.

How we're building the future